How great is it to be Greg McElroy right now? The stars align with Tim Tebow being inactive and like 50 Mark Sanchez interceptions to allow you to start your career. The bar was set so incredibly low there was basically zero expectations. As long as he didn’t come into today’s game and shove his head up an offensive lineman’s asshole he was good to go. He steps in, leads one TD drive, wins the ball game, and it’s like he’s the Messiah. He was our salvation saving us from the shittiest football the world has ever seen. McElroy was the savior, not Tebow. He did nothing special. Just played quarterback at a professional level and for Jets fans it was such an amazing luxury it was like Joe Montana was out there.

Now it’s time for the Jets to come out and proclaim him the starter. Put an end to the Sanchez tebow hoopla. It’s a chance to close the door on one shitty era of football. I’m not saying I expect McElroy to be the next Tom Brady, but at the very least he gives the Jets the opportunity to put the dramatics and the controversy behind them.