NY Daily News-Here’s what a young pitcher sounds like after winning his 15th consecutive decision: “If you ask me, ‘Who’s the best pitcher in the world?’” Ivan Nova said, “I say, ‘Me.’ You know, you have to believe it. That’s why you win so many games.” Who could blame Nova for feeling so confident? He pitched six strong innings against the Red Sox Friday, pushing past all the pomp and circumstance of the 100th anniversary of Fenway to add to his own blossoming resume.

And you wanna know what? I dig it. Someone call Hunter S. Thompson because between the backpage of today’s paper and Ivan Nova’s comments, everything being thought in New York is getting printed. It’s this sort of confidence that allowed Nova to throw at Bautista’s face in his first ever start. It’s this sort of confidence that has him winning 15 straight decisions. And it’s this sort of confidence that could make him a front-end guy one day very soon. He obviously isn’t the best in the world because Roy Halladay lives in this world. Gun to my head, I’m taking Doc in a game 7 over anybody in baseball. But you can’t knock Nova’s positive thinking and who knows how far off this statement actually is. No ceilings for Nova in my opinion.