Huff PoSoineya, a “co-sleeping specialty shop” that opened in Tokyo’s eccentric Akihabara district in September, lets its patrons sleep with one of a staff of female employees — for a price. According to Rocket News, Soineya — whose name literally means “sleep together shop” — isn’t a brothel, but acuddle club where after paying an admission of 3,000 yen (about $38), customers select from a menu of sleep durations. The business also offers a selection of premium services at an additional cost. For 1,000 yen (about $12) a pop, the customer can give the woman a foot massage, have the woman look at him or her, get petted on the head, or have the woman change clothing, among other things, according to a Rocket News translation of the Soineya Web site. Interestingly, it is more expensive to give a foot massage than to receive a foot massage.

Serious question – do Asian people actually like to fuck? At this point I’m not so sure. I know they are kinky as fuck. I know they are sexual deviants. But I’m talking about dick-in-the-pussy sex. Do they actually do that? Every time I turn around theres some sort of new kinky shit that involves everything but fucking. Oh look, here’s a new machine to stick your dick in! Here’s a new cartoon of a girl being fucked by a tentacle monster for you to masturbate too! Just opened a brand new bar for chicks to masturbate inside of. Maybe you dont ever leave the house and you just masturbate for 9 hours straight. Maybe afterwards you can head down the street to the cuddle club and pay 12 bucks to massage some broad’s feet.

Where the fuck is the actual sex in any of that shit? I’m beginning to think thats why dicks and pussies are always pixelated. To disguise the fact that theres never actual any penetration. They’ll fuck robots and beat their tiny dicks to hentai cartoons. They’ll even bukkake the shit out of a TV anchor as she delivers the news. But can you honestly ever tell me you’ve seen a Japanese dick enter a girls pussy? No, no you cannot. Could be the smoking gun piece of evidence I need to prove my theory that all Asians are just an army of robots that will one day become self aware and take over the planet.

PS – Rex Ryan is gonna be on the next “Broke” 30 for 30 after he catches wind of this place. 12 bucks to give bitches foot massages? He’ll be bankrupt by week 12.