Daily WhatHere we have a video of two Japanese girls diving into a mud pit head first. 2 Girls 1 Mud Pit, you say? Well actually, this is a video clip from a Japanese game show called “Jump Into Mud Puddle” (泥の水たまりに飛び込む), in which the contestant who stays submerged in the pit the longest wins ¥8 million Yen, which is around $100,000 USD.

How about that chick in the sailor costume who just tombstoned/power bombed herself into that mud pit? Uh, just go ahead and give her the 8 million Yen prize, because that bitch is dead. Nobody will stay submerged longer than her because she’s paralyzed and dead and will not be emerging from the mud pit at all.

You know whats one thing I’ve learned from Japanese game shows? They feel no pain. Ever since the good old days of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, I’ve come to realize that Japanese people feel no pain. They get smashed in the face and slam their bodies every way imaginable and they all just laugh it off. One of those Asian laughs too like HAR-HAR-HAR! We’re actually lucky they are a very small race or else they’d probably take over the world. They are impervious to pain and know karate. If they didn’t spend all their time watching cartoon tentacle porn they’d probably conquer the planet.