NYPThe stunning online matchmaker accused of running an Upper East Side brothel with the alleged Hockey Mom Madam was hauled into court in handcuffs yesterday, but looked no worse for wear. Fresh from a sunny “get-away” on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Jaynie Mae Baker, 30, finally clicked into court in brown high heels, wearing snug tan slacks and with her strawberry blond hair falling in ringlets halfway down the back of her satiny pale blue blouse. She’d been a wanted woman for the last three weeks. Looking out of place with her hands cuffed behind her back, the Williamsburg resident was seated as she softly spoke the words “Not guilty” after a clerk read aloud the one count of promoting prostitution against her.  According to her lawyer, Baker had been visiting her sister, Jessica, in LA and had no idea she was under indictment when she joined Jessica in leaving the States and flying to Cabo last week. Lead prosecutor Charles Linehan countered in court yesterday that news of Baker’s indictment had already broken last week — in The Post — when Baker took her flight. “Without indicating that she fled, she did end up leaving the country and going to Mexico” after news of her indictment, Linehan said. But Gottlieb insisted Baker did not know she was wanted when she left for Mexico and turned herself in as soon as the schedules of airlines and prosecutors would allow.”

Now this is what the fuck I’m talking about! Because the soccer mom ring leader of this whole thing:

Just ain’t cutting it. Bitch looks like Stephen Hawking. When you think about a multi-million dollar NYC prostitution ring, you think about smokes named Jaynie Mae Baker. Not some butch pimp like Anna Gristina.

I think the sexiest part about this little red headed minx is that she does not give a fuck. Did you see on the news yesterday as she turned herself in? First of all she was just chillin in Mexico for like 3 weeks. “Didn’t know” she was wanted. Yea, sure thing toots. Then she hops on a flight home, shows up at the courthouse with her Jew Weasel lawyer Gottlieb and within an hour she posts bail and heads home. She was in cuffs for like 30 seconds and I think they were toy cuffs. Meanwhile head honcho Anna Gristina is in fucking Rikers on $2 million bail. I don’t know which judges or which district attorneys this chick fucked or what kind of dirt she has on the justice department, but Jaynie Mae Baker was walking around like she owned the joint. Bitch had so much prostitution swag it makes me think she’s got pictures of Bloomberg’s dick in her mouth. Whatever the reason is, I cannot wait for more details about this kinky little slut. More pictures are gonna surface. More whore stories are gonna surface. And the inevitable Lifetime made-for-tv-movie that comes out will be primetime non-porno jerk off material.