Well, if they were trying to start a Super Bowl defense in absolute worst possible fashion, I’d say the Giants succeeded. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys legit left the Giants in tears. Their new secret weapon that was going to solve all their problems in the backfield just pouting and sobbing while Rob Ryan dropped F bombs right in the Giants’ face. Their secret weapon from last year Victor Cruz dropping passes like it was his job. Ironic, you see, because as a wide receiver your job is to catch the ball. Penalties, injuries, blown coverage. Just looked like a team that wasn’t ready at all. I’m surprised Tom Coughlin didn’t shit in his Depends.

I mean hey, its only one game, right? Losing a home game to a division rival is no big deal.

PS – I can’t imagine how it must have felt to sit down to watch that game expecting to see the playoff version of Eli and the Giants and getting the version that lost to the Redskins twice last year. Oh wait thats my entire life as a Jets fan.