Barstool being down for the last hour would have been the fuck up of the night if Jerry Meals hadn’t been doing his best impression of Jerry Meals by blowing a game-ending call. The Pirates free fall of 2011 started with this call by Meals:

How he wasn’t fired after this is beyond me. How can you be so bad at your job and still keep it? I kinda feel like he could show up to the stadium with swastika tattoos, handing out kiddie porn DVDs to the players and Bud Selig would offer him tenure. When will umps be held accountable for their actions? I’m not talking as severe as the steroid penalties, but suspend a guy for a couple weeks after a blatant “get me the fuck off this field and out to my dinner reservation” call and things will change.

Tex’s response on YES after the game was great: “Sometimes you wonder if the umpires are trying to get out of there,” says Tex, who expects to be fined.

He may wanna set up a direct deposit transfer with Selig right now, cause that one’s gonna cost him, but fuck it. He’s pissed and for good reason. The guy just exploded a calf muscle for the tie, and Jerry Meals wants to beat traffic. Just a ludicrous and irresponsible call. You think this hatred and this 8th place rank on current Twitter trends for Jerry Meals is bad? Wait to see what happens if the Yankees lose the division by a game to the Orioles.