Gothamist - Jerry Seinfeld is officially returning to stand-up stage for the first time in New York City in 14 years (though he has been warming up withsurprise appearances). And he’s doing New York right, by visiting each of the five boroughs, saying, “I was born in Brooklyn, went to school in Queens and started out as a comedian in Manhattan. I feel like New York City taught me how to be funny. I’m so excited to perform a special series of shows for my beloved home town.” His last official performance in New York City was in 1998. The comedian will take the stage on five Thursday nights in October (along with opener Colin Quinn) —and the schedule is below. Tickets go on sale July 30th, and seem to range from $75 to $106 (at least at the Beacon show).

I’m so interested to see how this goes. My first inclination was that this is a something I’d pay good money to see. Seinfeld back on tour in the 5 boroughs for the first time since 1998. Not since Seinfeld’s last season on TV could you do this. Who knows if he ever does something like this again? Its not like I’m some sort of comedy club goer who wouldn’t be satisfied without checking Jerry Seinfeld live off my list, but it would be a pretty cool thing to see.

But I dunno. I feel like things have changed so much in the past 15 years. You got things like twitter and idiots like me and blogs all over the place. People making millions off of weekly youtube videos. I feel like comedy is just so different now. I just don’t know if a “Whats the deal with…” Seinfeld routine would really be rip roaring funny to me these days. But I guess Seinfeld’s whole appeal is that he finds humor in the everyday things that applies to everyone, right? So that kinda shit never gets old.

Regardless I think it could be pretty cool to check Seinfeld live off your bucket list.