GothamistAdverb advocate Jerry Seinfeld performed at the Beacon Theater last night for his first official stand-up show in NYC in over a decade (give or take a warm-up or two). Seinfeld knew his slightly-older crowd well, starting the set by congratulating them on the emotional effort they put in to physically make it to the show. His new set is made up of lots of husband humor (dads wear weird clothes on the weekend), observational riffs (who doesn’t feel like David Copperfield at faucets), soliloquies on Pop-Tarts, and a surprising amount of rushing around the stage. We don’t want to spoil too much for anyone going to one of the other four NYC-area shows—but at the end, Seinfeld came back out to take questions from the audience, and he revealed what his three favorite plotlines were from Seinfeld. And two of them are pretty, pretty dark ones.

1. The Invitations

2. Marble Rye

3. George as a marine biologist

I don’t know if I could possibly narrow down my favorite Seinfeld plots/episodes down to 3. There are too many to remember off the top of your head. I’d need like a catalog listing episodes to make sure I didn’t miss any. But off the top of me head here are a handful of episodes/plotlines/moments that standout.

#1 is George as the Marine Biologist. Its the best monologue in Seinfeld history. The “like an old man trying to return soup at a deli” line is television genius.

Everything after that is in no particular order. I can’t even begin to describe how long it would take to rank each and every moment, so here’s a random list off the top of my head:

2. George fighting over a new apartment with the Andrea Doria survivor

3. Frogger

4. Kramer building the Merv Griffin Show studio in his apartment

5. Kramer trying to be the Moviefone guy because his number is similar to moviefone

6. The Keith Hernandez episode

7. The Mandelbaums

8. The mailman episode with Jerry and Newman trying to get Newman’s transfer to Hawaii

9. George and the Jerk Store comeback

10. George mixing sex and food

11. Kramerica industries

12. George and The Opposite “Hi my name is George, I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.”

13. Frank Costanza – Serenity Now and Festivus

14. The Asians living in Kramers drawers

15. Kenny Rogers chicken

16. George and the Human Fund

I’m gonna stop there. Because as I’m doing this I’m realizing how many plotlines there are and I keep thinking of better ones than I already listed. Just impossible to remember and rank the best moments from 9 seasons and 180 episodes.