Huff PoHe may have been ticketed for not saving his Jeep from a cliff dive, but his other option was to let his 5-year-old son die and go to jail. Frank Roder of New Jersey was ticketed on Thursday for failing to use his emergency brake, after which his Jeep flew into the Rahway River. Roder had leaped out of the vehicle because his son opened the door and was running straight toward a 35-foot embankment, according to Fox News. “He hopped out, and I thought that was OK. I was just going to park,” Roder, 38, told the station. “He just took off, made a beeline for the edge.” Roder said he narrowly saved his little boy Aidan, but his 2006 Jeep Commander wasn’t so lucky. Roder knew something was wrong when the kid said, “Um, Daddy …” And then, the Jeep was gone. It slid down an embankment and into the muddy water below. A cop on the scene reportedly handed him a pair of tickets — one for the brake, and another for failure to produce his insurance card, which was in the water-bound Jeep — and told Roder he should have just applied the brake. “I say, ‘Really? And if I did and my boy stepped over the edge and fell instead of the Jeep, then where would I be?’ He says, ‘Jail, for child endangerment’.” Though miffed and carless, Roder plans on paying his $50 and $60 tickets

Frank Roder is in a real catch 22 huh? On the one hand his son was running towards the edge of a cliff. Imminent danger. On the other hand if he goes after his kid, the Jeep ends up in the river and he’s in trouble with the law. Either way, you’ve got the police on your back, potentially dealing with tragedy.

Do you know what the solution to this problem is? Don’t have a fucking asshole kid who jumps out of moving vehicles and tries to jump off a cliff. What the fuck is that about? “He hopped out.” “Made a beeline for the edge.” What? Your kid fucking sucks dude. Deserves a serious ass whipping for pulling a stunt like that. And you suck too. Maybe he was jumping out of a moving car and trying to kill himself since his dad was taking him to feed the ducks. I’d probably swan dive off a cliff too if thats what I was doing with my Saturdays.