I think I found the 1% those hippies were talking about. They should come here and Occupy this place. Cut out the problem before it starts

The Hunt is 200% the polar opposite of Occupy Wall Street. Equal but opposite. If Zuccoti Park is all the lunatic assholes of the 99%, the Hunt is all of the Waspy preppie stuck up snowflakes of the 1%. Only difference is the people at the Hunt believe in getting trashed during the day and chasing after pretty girls, which is 2 things I can always get behind despite all sorts of socio-economic differences.

Not gonna lie though, I was salivating at the thought of a full video on the Francesa/Revis Saga.

PS – The hipster protesters replying “Lets go Cardinals” when he says “Lets go Rangers” is priceless. Its just the perfect embodiment of how different they are from people like me and the Jersey Sports Fan. Wrong sport you dirty hippies. I guess you get bonus points for knowing the Cardinals and Rangers are even playing in the World Series though.