NY Post – A New York-to-Los Angeles JetBlue flight made an emergency landing in Denver after a drunken, freaked-out passenger groped a pregnant woman and threatened crew members and his fellow fliers, authorities said yesterday. Marcus Covington, 32, who said he used to live on the Lower East Side and in Queens, was arraigned in Denver federal court on a charge of interfering with a flight crew, which carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence. At one point, Covington allegedly approached a 27-year-old pregnant woman and ran his hands over her body.  Covington was calmed during his alleghed freakout Sunday evening by movie producer Cassian Elwes. When Elwes boarded Flight 677 at Kennedy Airport, he found Covington in his assigned seat — and right away, he knew something was off about him. “Hey that’s my seat man I said,” Elwes tweeted. “A quick drawling f–k you its mine now was the response. I sat down next to him mumbling ‘charming.’ ” Elwes said Covington, now of Chicago, was drunk and taking meds for bipolar disorder. During the flight, Covington got up and walked up to fellow passengers “saying things to them that did not make sense,” according to an FBI affidavit filed in Denver federal court. Elwes and FBI agent Scott Garriola, a passenger on the plane, tried to calm Covington when he returned to his seat. Elwes tweeted that when he began chatting him up, Covington replied, “I’m a f–king marine man don’t f–k with me . . . I will kill you man.”

Welcome aboard JetBlue airlines flying non stop from JFK to LAX. I’ll be your man stewardess today, there’s a strong chance I may have a mental breakdown, tell you to go fuck yourself, and release the emergency chute before we take off. However, if we do take off, once we’re in the air, the captain will turn off the fasten seatbelt sign and you are free to roam about the cabin. If you are shitfaced and can’t hold it in until then, feel free to piss on the 11 year old girl sleeping next to you. Our in flight movie this afternoon is The Happening with Mark Wahlberg, so if you need alternative means to entertain yourself, you can always read Sky Mall or reach up the shorts of the sleeping man next to you and stroke his dick. Our flight time should be roughly 5 hours and 45 minutes, assuming there are no Playboy models without their medication that are going to try to open the door of the plane mid flight. Last but not least, if you are pregnant and concerned with sitting in an emergency exit row or concerned with the drunk bipolar Marine sitting in your aisle threatening to “fucking kill” everyone after trying to sexually assault you, please ask your stewardess for a seat change. Thanks again for flying JetBlue air.