PFTEntering the year, you could have made a pretty strong argument that the two most talented players on the Jets roster were Darrelle Revisand Santonio Holmes. Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Fergusonmight have gotten a few votes and Antonio Cromartie almost certainly would have voted for himself, but there weren’t too many other choices on the roster. As a result, it speaks volumes about how the season has started for the Jets to see Revis out until at least the Super Bowl and to learn that the Jets fear Holmes will also miss the rest of the regular season. The team still hasn’t gotten word on what the specific injury is to Holmes’ foot, but Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the team fears it is going to sideline him for the rest of 2012. They are already talking about Holmes’ absence in terms of weeks, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see that transform into months once the team has a handle on the diagnosis and prognosis for Holmes’ injury and recovery.

I gave up on Santonio Holmes a long time ago. Right after the end of last season when he blamed everyone but himself he was dead to me. Just the definition of a prima donna pussy. Overrated by himself and himself only. He’s been awful for a year and then some now, he’s a terrible person, an even worse teammate, and I would just as gladly never see him take the field for this team ever again.

That being said, between certain players regressing and now injuries, this team is completely devoid of talent. Again, Santonio hadn’t displayed his Super Bowl MVP talent in a long, long time – but he was one of the last guys on the field that at least once showed flashes of great NFL play. Pretty much the last guy you had to at least, kinda, sorta respect in case all the sudden he decided to bounce back and play up to his potential. Now, there is absolutely nobody out there on the field you fear. They wide receiver core they are gonna trot out there without him is even more laughable now. Absolutely zero offensive weapons. ZERO. Legitimately fucking ZERO. Kerley, Hill, Chilens, and Turner. WHO, WHO, WHO and fucking WHO? Shonn Greene and Bilal Powell in the backfield. Both of them SUCK. Sanchez under center – guy SUCKS. The center he’s under and everyone on either side of him – SUCKS. I would be utterly shocked if this team puts up 10 points a game for the rest of the season. No joke I don’t care who they’re facing – that offense will not score on anyone. Might as well just start trying for 70 yard field goals with Folk. Only chance any points will be put on the board.

PS – If somehow Santonio misses the rest of the season and never plays for the Jets again nothing would be more fitting than that fumble being his last play for this team. The act-like-I’ve-been-shot theatrics while giving up the ball is Santonio in a nutshell