You know, it really takes something special to effortlessly combine the two biggest, most recent, most violent tragedies into one. Talking about committing a shooting on the heels of the Newtown Tragedy at an NFL facility to sprinkle in a little Jovan Belcher. Nice touch dude.

I’m not one to sit here and judge people for saying stupid shit on twitter. Thats like half my job these days. I’ve offended all sorts of people on Twitter before. But when you see a constant baragge of messages threatening to kill someone, giving a time and place as to where its gonna happen, you gotta wonder just how fucking stupid some people can be. Obviously Mark Sanchez is a good guy who doesn’t deserve to be murdered because he sucks as an NFL quarterback. These are things that shouldn’t need to be said. But you never really know anymore, do you? We’ve seen enough fucked up stuff in the past couple weeks to really start to wonder if threatening tweets from @BraveGrancru need to be taken seriously.

Chances are he’s just a black dude talking tough on Twitter. Lord knows theres about 200 million of those. But still someone should just lock this dude in a room with the Jets O line and let them have their way. Then again, chances are the O Line would just let him through to kill Mark anyway. Maybe just go ahead and rule Mark Inactive for this week. Maybe then @BraveGrancru will back off. Probably save Mark’s life and my life in one shot.