ESPNDavid Baghdassarian is a huge Jets fan.  His Florida license plate is JTSFN, his tailgating grill is green and white and he dressed as Rex Ryan for Christmas. No, not Halloween. Christmas.  So when Baghdassarian was getting ready for a trip back to New York, where he was born and raised, he thought he’d give it a try: Get JetBlue to fly him home in its Jets plane.  As part of its partnership with the Jets, the company has been flying around a plane wrapped with the Jets logo since October 2010. Where it flies to and from is usually random, but this Jets fan wanted to change that.  On Aug. 23, a week before his flight, Baghdassarian (@bags) tweeted to JetBlue executives, who have been particularly active on Twitter. The Tweet reached its intended targets: Marty St. George, the airline’s vice president of marketing, David Barger, JetBlue’s CEO and its COO Rob Maruster.  The next morning, Barger sent the tweet along with the comment “Love it!” to his vice president of airport and system operations Alex Battaglia, known on Twitter as @B6AirportGuy.  A few hours later, the main @JetBlue account tweeted to Baghdassarian: Done! – Enjoy your flight on JetGreen!

Well I guess JetBlue is trying to make up for the rampant sexual assault and in flight violence their passengers usually experience.

I wonder what JetGreen is like. I envision Rex Ryan tweeting to JetBlue officially requesting a ride on February 3rd, 2012 to New Orleans because he’s convinced he’s gonna be there. Probably have a pilot and a co-pilot fighting over who’s supposed to fly the plane. A stewardess core that fights amongst itself and gives up halfway through the flight. And the absolute worst Air Marshals in the world who can’t protect the cockpit. Chances are JetGreen just crashes and burns at some point in about mid November, but at least they’ll still make headlines!