NY Post – It’s the only thing harder to get rid of than Mark Sanchez — a Jets personal seat license. Fed-up season-ticket holders are desperately trying to unload their PSLs, setting up a potential mass exodus of Jets fans that could become an even bigger challenge for the team than finding a new general manager. An owner of four “Coaches Club” PSLs behind the Jets bench paid $30,000 for each seat but is now trying to unload them for $12,000 a pop. Another holder of two nearby seats who paid $60,000 combined is offering his for a total of $20,000. And two mid-level seats that originally carried PSL fees of $4,000 each were up for sale for a mere $500 combined. “I’ve come to the conclusion it’s just cheaper to go to road games and buy home games through StubHub,” said Kenny Scarabaggio, a season-ticket holder since 1983. “This whole PSL process was a rip-off.” For two months, Scarabaggio has been trying to peddle his two mid-level mezzanine PSLs for $5,500 — well below the roughly $9,000 he’s paying on a 15-year plan — but can’t find a buyer.  He says he’s now among a growing number of fans considering a flea-flicker of their own: defaulting on remaining PSL payments and gambling that the media-obsessed Jets won’t take their season-ticket holders to court. Under the PSL agreements, the Jets are legally entitled to full payment. The topic has even become a hot issue on fan forums usually reserved for bashing the team’s play. “My feeling is there’s going to be a lot of PSL owners who default,” said Bill Koy Jr., 41, a Morristown, NJ, lawyer whose family has owned season tickets since 1965, when the Jets first drafted Joe Namath. “As a lawyer, I’m really curious to see if the Jets would really take their fans to court because of the public-relations hit they’d receive and the costs of such litigation,” added Koy, who is not looking to default on his six mid-level PSLs.

I have a legitimate question for you – is a Jets PSL the least valuable thing on the planet right now? Like out of all the things in the entire world – all of the goods and all of the services – I think a Jets PSL is dead last in value. The least desirable, most overpriced thing in the universe. Are you looking at the figures in this article? Can you fucking imagine dropping SIXTY GRAND on 2 Jets tickets??? 30 fucking thousand dollars so that you can own the right to watch Mark Sanchez put his head inside another mans asshole. 30 large to watch the least talented, most dysfunctional team in the world. Imagine sitting in the Meadowlands a month ago watching that 7-6 “victory” over the Cardinals and thinking “I coulda put a down payment on a new house for this garbage?” Seriously, Jets PSLs have gotta be the worst investment in the history of financial decisions.

And I would absolutely call their bluff and just default on my payments. I agreed to pay for this seats and you agreed to put a watchable football product on the field – looks like we’re both reneging on our deal. And on a serious note if the Jets franchise sue their own fans it will be the largest public relations shitstorm in the history of sports.