CORTLANDHe’s a prisoner of his own fame. Tim Tebow said yesterday his celebrity status as one of the NFL’s most popular stars can make trying to lead a normal life difficult. Tebow’s enormous following has led to his every move being scrutinized and analyzed. Because he’s Tim Tebow, he was still dealing with the fallout from his shirtless run through the rain following Saturday’s practice. “I was running and my shirt felt like it was 20 pounds because we’d been in the rain and I was signing autographs for 20-30 minutes,” he said when asked why he did it. “I didn’t really think that you all would be filming and taking pictures.” He said the most ribbing had come from fellow quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy. “It was funny,” Tebow said. “A few guys gave me a hard time, but honestly, I don’t think anybody knew until they saw it that night on ESPN. It was funny. More than anything, it was probably Mark and Greg giving me a hard time. Everybody else catches on after that.”

My “job,” and yes, I use the term lightly, is to basically sensationalize the news. Exaggerate and bend the truth and make stories out of nothing for the sake of entertainment.

And even I can’t believe the amount of bullshit coverage Jets training camp has gotten. From legitimate journalists, nonetheless. Plain and simple if you are writing articles about a football player taking his shirt off, you need to kill yourself. I mean some of these storylines they’ve been reporting are shit that I didn’t even bat an eyelash at. Didn’t even consider running them on fucking Barstool Sports because they were such non stories. And real life newspapers are running with it. ESPN is live every day from SUNY Cortland talking about special teams surprises and game planning this season. People tweeting live updates of Tebows performance in 7-on7′s. Santonio Holmes saying the same shit he’s been saying for a year straight now.

Whoooo cares? Who cares about any of this shit? Obviously I knew this was coming, but even I never imagined it would be this over the top. I guess I had too much faith in humankind and sports media. Make sure to tune into ESPN today to find out when Tim Tebow is pinching a loaf.

PS – Santonio – You’re not a scape goat. You’re just a plain old goat who underperformed and deserves all the criticism you get.