It’s gotta be replacement Jews working on this deal, right? I’m pretty sure there’s an asterisk in the Torah under the Yom Kippur chapter that says “thou shall not eat OR negotiate NFL contracts on this, the holiest day of the year.” I’m actually happy that it’s gonna be replacement lawyers handling this, because if they’re anything like the replacement refs, they’re gonna fuck the entire process up and we’ll get at least one more week of this circus. Christian lawyer ,Chad Bryce brings a pencil for Goodell to sign with- VOID. His Italian partner, Vinny Maltino printed up the contracts in green ink- VOID. Replacement accountant, Nick Dipola fucks up the decimal point and guarantees the refs a salary of $80,000 a week- VOID. The entire process will be in shambles by sundown, while the real Jews sit back and laugh as they break fast.