(Reuters) - ConAgra Foods Inc has been sued by consumers who contend that hot dogs and other products sold under its Hebrew National brand are not kosher. The lawsuit alleges that meat processing services provided to ConAgra by privately held AER Services Inc fell short of the standards necessary to label Hebrew National products as kosher.

Hebrew National hot dogs aren’t really Kosher. Unbelievable. That would be like black people finding out Popeye’s chicken isn’t really chicken or purple drank isn’t really purple flavored.

“Kosher” is the biggest scam since Christians invented Jesus and the Bible and convinced everyone to give them money in a basket every Sunday. Just making up this rule that they can only eat food thats been cooked a certain way and blessed by a rabbi. Hey guys a rabbi cast a magic spell over these hot dogs so you can only eat these ones so make sure you pay extra for them and only go to the Jewish hot dog vendors! Oh and also we’re gonna make up this rule that we can’t be outside when the sun goes down, that way we get to leave work early every single day of the year!

Fuckin brilliant.

PS – Pissed off the Jews, Christians and black people all before 10am. Gonna be a good day.