USA TodayIn comments that generated national headlines, Joe Namath says the New York Jets seem to be more concerned with making headlines than winning titles. ”I’m concerned with how the Jets are trying to build a team and win a championship,” the Hall of Fame quarterback told Adam Schein on SiriusXM Blitz. “They seem more interested in the headlines.” Namath, who once guaranteed a Super Bowl victory to a gaggle of reporters and briefly retired from the Jets rather than sell his stake in a nightclub called Bachelors III, has been critical of his former team in the past. He has been especially dismissive of the Tim Tebow trade (“the greatest publicity stunt”) and Rex Ryan’s relationship with his players.

I don’t know whats more annoying – the fact that Joe Namath won’t ever shut the fuck up. Or the fact that half the time when he opens his mouth he’s right. I feel like he’s made these exact comments like 15 times. I had to double check this was a recent article because its like 3 times a year that he says this exact thing. And every time the media buys into it and runs with it as a big story. Ever time I have to blog it. Its like a quarterly event for me that never changes. Every time I call him an annoying old drunk. Every time I call him a prima donna attention whore who’s dying for the spotlight to be back on him. And every single time, I’m right.

Problem is, he usually is as well. The Jets have made moves for headlines. Rex’s approach obviously hasn’t proved to be the perfect method thus far. The Tebow trade was a horrible idea. This is all shit that pretty much anyone with half a brain knows at this point. It pains me to say it and to agree with crazy old man Namath, but we all know its true. Now lets stop turning this into a big deal every time grandpa Joe has a snifter of whiskey and starts flapping his gums. Call me when Namath tries to get down with Pam Oliver on TV. Otherwise its a non story.

PS – What are the chances the Jets second and third string players hang like 42 tonight? Just to fuel the fire.