I get that athletes are humans who like to do other shit besides play sports. They aren’t just robots and what they do on their free time is up to them and blah blah blah.

But literally every night I see JR Smith go on these twitter barrages that makes me feel straight up embarrassed for this tool. Tweeting fuckin Joe Budden pictures of some gigantic ass? Getting in twitter fights with anyone and everyone who says he sucks? Its like he stays up all night doing this shit. Pathetic. Win some ballgames and you can tweet people all you want about “holding your sneakers.” Tweet washed up rappers pictures of asses till the fuckin cows come home. But the team has lost 6 of 9 since you joined and nobody wants to see the whores you’re banging or the retweets you’re sending out.

If I ever ran a team I’d have a steadfast rule of now twitter. Like the Yankees facial hair rule. Might be a little over the top but it sets the right tone.