Its called a belly button, bitch. Not a belly canyon.

Daily Mail - The supersized model whose picture was unwittingly used in an advertisement for an extra-marital affairs website has spoken out about the apparent ‘exploitation’ of her body. Known only by the name Jacqueline, the obese model has slammed Ashley Madison and the advertising industry for ‘body shaming’ and promoting infidelity. Writing on, the U.S. size 32 model said the photo that was used in the ad was taken years ago and then unknowingly sold to picture agencies. The image of her body, scantily clad and languishing suggestively, then made its way into the offending marketing material for Ashley Madison, accompanied by the slogan ‘Did your wife scare you last night?’ The full-page ad recently appeared in New York Metro newspaper. She says the ad is yet another unwelcome case of body shaming. ’There is an enormous problem in this world in regards to female body shaming, and not solely in regard to fat women, but all women. A size 2 woman who sees this ad sees the message: “If I don’t stay small, he will cheat.” ’A size 12 woman might see this ad and think “If I don’t lose 30lbs, he will cheat.” A size 32 woman could see this ad, and feel “I will never find love.” It’s horrific,’ she writes on Jezebel. Her feelings toward the ad are unambiguous: ‘It exists in the same school of thought in which a rapist blames a woman’s outfit for his crime.’

The Good Book tells us “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” The Gospel according to KFC says “if your name is Juicy Jackie and you host a porn site for fat fetish freaks, you probably should not cast judgment on the integrity of another website.” I mean hey Jackie did you think the life of a BBW fetish porn star was gonna be all roses? Did you think your picture was only gonna show up on fat people websites where they love you? Never once thought that you flaunting your gluttonous obesity would come back to bite you in your appallingly large ass? I’m not saying you had to anticipate a website using you as the poster child for the exact reason why infidelity in this world exists, but you had to at least be bracing for some sort of negative feedback from your fat ass being all over the internet.

And look I get that we can’t all be in tip top shape. Your boy KFC has a big old fat ass double chin. But do you know what I think about every night when I lay my head down to sleep? “My girlfriend is probably gonna cheat on me because I have a big old fat ass double chin.” See I’m realistic. If I was a size 32 not only would I expect my boyfriend to cheat I would encourage because I’d recognize how disgusting I am. I’d realize I do scare my husband. I’d realize my husband wants to fuck a skinny woman and not a large hippopotamus. Face it, Juicy Jacky. You are the symbol of fat disgustingness. Thats not Ashley Madison’s fault.