Aside from that little hiccup on Saturday night when that 112 lb Ciriaco kid had the game of his career, this weekend series up in Boston was an all-around brutal thrashing. First inning runs, dominant pitching, babies being ripped from their mothers… Fenway was an ugly, ugly place to be the last 3 days. You know it’s bad when the crowd is legitimately proud of its wave performance. Smiles all across the board as the dumbest tradition in sports swept through the stadium, while the double A squad on the field was getting bent over. And Terry Francona essentially cradling Cano’s and the rest of the Yankees’ balls on Sunday night’s telecast was the cherry on top of a perfect ending to the first half of the season. Must have been delightful for Sox fans to hear him cream over Cano’s MVP future. Oh, and Youkilis is 11 for his last 23 with 10 RBI for Chicago. Enjoy that.