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There was a guy walking around with his pet goat in midtown the other night. 1) do you think it’s his pet or he’s gonna do some voodoo sacrificial shit?


Let me ask you this – is owning a goat the most irrational thing a person can do? Like I can’t think of a single justifiable and rational reason a normal person would own a goat. I don’t think even fucking farmers own goats.  In my mind there is only one use for a goat and that stems from the movie Jurassic Park. The scene where they feed the T-Rex by just leaving the goat on a leash inside his cage and the vegetarian chick is like “Where’s the goat?! Where’s the goat?!” Either that or you’re a witch doctor and you plan on slaughtering it. That’s all. Feeding genetically engineered dinosaurs or sacrifices to appease the pagan gods. And last time I checked neither of those fucking things are happening in Midtown Manhattan.

PS – Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if pet goats became the new hipster fad out in Brooklyn. And that would be the last straw for me and that borough. If there’s a slew of pet goats strolling around Brooklyn I will never even consider going there ever again. I may move out of New York City all together