RA Dickey is the perfect microcosm for this Mets team. Perfect. He’s the guy who’s performance defies all logic. He’s the guy who people are convinced can’t be this good. He’s the guy everyone is waiting for to fail.

And its just not happening anytime soon.

I’ll admit rooting for RA Dickey has been a roller coaster for me. When he was the goofy journeyman knuckler it was impossible not to root for him. He was like a character out of Major League or something. Seemed to catch lightning in a bottle and it was like “lets just milk this for all its worth.” Then he got on twitter and did all his religious preaching and was busy climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and it was all amidst the dark offseason of the Wilpons and I couldn’t even see his name without wanting to vomit.

But The Dickpiece can climb whatever fucking mountains he wants now. Can talk about God until the cows come home on social media. He can write his books and talk about his babysitters and do whatever he damn well pleases. Because plain and simple RA Dickey is one of the best pitchers in baseball. And I’m not talking about the past few weeks. I’m not talking about this half a season. I’m talking about in general. In the entire league. Since 2010 there have been 65 pitchers that have thrown at least 400 Innings. Of those 65, RA Dickey’s ERA of 2.91 ranks SEVENTH in all of baseball. Kershaw, Verlander, Halladay, Weaver, Lee, and Cain are the only pitchers better. No matter how you slice it, he’s one of the most effective, reliable, consistent pitchers in the game. It ain’t power pitching. It ain’t sexy. But it is impressive as fuck in its own right.

And with 10 wins before the break, and 9.0 K/9, if you don’t think he’ll be in serious contention for the Cy Young you must be outside of your mind. The Dickpiece RA Dickey and your 2012 New York Mets – just out there throwing junk because it keeps fucking working.