Weathermen are all fucking CRAZY. There’s rolling with the punches, and then there’s rolling with the fucking punches. In case you missed it, Kansas City wasn’t too happy with me yesterday. Even with that, the City’s favorite son, local weatherman legend, Drew Switzer, the trooper that he is, decided to go on the air this morning and read my blog to his entire audience. That’s 17 more people in this world that know my name! Naturally, I’m dying to see this, but first he has to take a random drug test…. A “RANDOM” DRUG TEST. Now, I’ve been responsible for people having to take tests before- mainly ones that end with a phone conversation between the girl and myself, featuring such phrases as “Thank God” and  ”I’ll definitely put one on next time.” But never in my life could I have imagined that I would ever have the opportunity to make someone’s boss legitimately wonder if his employee is a drug addict. This is the best birthday gift I could have ever asked for. And Drew, when the test comes back positive for meth because you people love meth, and you’re inevitably fired for mixing it up with a publication as seedy as Barstool, don’t worry. We have a spot for you over here. Fuck @StoolChicago and his 10 million followers before his first tweet. Viva la Barstool Kansas City!

P.S. – Barstool Sports taking over the globe. I had no idea Matt Blanchette and that guy Ryan Smith that used to work at WIBW love this blog… What a name drop!

P.P.S.- Switz, go buy yourself something we civilized folk like to call a navigation [nav-i-gey-shuhn] system, drive out to the east coast, and let’s get weird.