Just about the only thing thats gotten me through this winter are all the smokeshows each and every Thursday night at Mad River for the last two months. Its the only thing thats kept me warm during the cold nights of January and February. The body shots. The girls dancing dancing on the bar. The copious amounts of beer and liquor these girls pour down my throat. Every Thursday for 2+ months. And I can’t think of a better way to end this winter contest than with a tall blond with legs for days and the Number 1 Draft Pick, MVP, All Star Hall Of Famer Smokeshow Kacie McDonnell.

Its the last Thursday of the contest. Kacie and Kate are the last duo to try and win a free trip to Puerto Vallarta. Tonight is your only chance to come out and see Kacie, but tomorrow night all the former teams that already competed are coming back for one last Spring Break bash to hear the announcement of the winners. So come through tonite. Come through tomorrow. Fuck it, come through for both nights. Smokes as far as the eyes can see and the cheap booze will be flowing.

Kacie and Kate’s shift starts at 10:30pm. I’ll be there. Come say whats up. 82nd and 3rd