Huff Po – Though Ke$ha has described her look as both “a cross between Keith Richards and a hobo” and “a homeless clown,” the “Die Young” singer was looking pretty polished when we spotted her at the airport earlier this week. However, it seems that Ke$ha is back to herhead-bedazzlinggold-teeth sporting,glitter-drenched ways. Ke$ha tells BANG Showbiz (via Female First) that she asked each of her followers to send her a tooth, and was able to fashion a bra, headdress and earrings out of the 1,000-plus canines she received. ”I asked for them to send me their teeth and I got, like, over 1000 human teeth,” she explains. “I made it into a bra top, and a headdress, and earrings, and necklaces. I’ve worn it out!” Ke$ha says that she took on the project in order to feel connected to her fans. ”I love them! I call them my family, my animals,” she says. This whole record is for them. The book is for them. The title of my ‘Warrior’ was inspired by hearing their stories.”

Oh Ke$ha. Ke$ha, Ke$ha, Ke$ha. This chick is a real special type of crazy. Whether she’s claiming to fuck ghosts or collecting teeth from her fans, you can tell she’s really somethin. She makes that chick who fucks skeletons look like a Puritan. Bottom line is this is absolutely the first steps in serial killer behavior. Wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up like the new chick on Dexter. Just banging and murdering and collecting teeth all while making fire guilty pleasures. Cue the motherfuckin music!