TMZHere she is … the woman Ken Sharmrock roughed up in a California mall because … for some crazy reason … he thought she was a dude. Her name is Melinda Garcia … she weighs 120 pounds … and tells TMZ there’s NO WAY Shamrock could’ve confused her for a man. In fact, she claims Ken is straight up LYING about the fight. We broke the story … Shamrock claims he was breaking up a girl-on-girl brawl in a mall in Modesto, CA earlier this month when someone jumped on his back. Shamrock claims he believed the person was a man, so he took “him” down. Turns out … “he” was actually a “she.” But Garcia claims it’s all BS … claiming Shamrock didn’t actually break up the original fight, but rather screamed at her to do it … which she did. Garcia claims Shamrock began to yell at her for not stopping the fight sooner … and then snapped and PUNCHED her in the face. Garcia says her mom ran over to intervene … and Shamrock punched her too. Soon after the alleged girl-punching, security and police arrived to the scene … and only then, Garcia says, Shamrock backed off. TMZ has text messages from Garcia to her sister (who goes by “Hoochie” in the phone) just moments after the fight in which she describes the incident.

Ken Shamrock is absolutely one of the last motherfuckers I’d ever wanna see in a shopping mall brawl. He’s the Worlds Most Dangerous Man for God’s sake. That dude is straight up insane. Absolute fucking lunatic. All he ever did in the WWF was scream really loud, kick people in the face, and break their ankles. He actually was one of my favorite WWF superstars from that late 90s era. I feel like every week on Raw he was just hitting Steve Blackmon in the face with a Singapore cane. What a fucking wanna be Steve Blackman was huh? Ohhh you’re the Lethal Weapon? Cool story now stand there while I fucking smash your face with this cane. Then there was the Lions Den Matches, the Dan The Beast Severn rivalry. He was a pretty great wrestler on the Intercontinental Belt level.

As for this “chick” getting stomped out. I dont think I can blame Ken Shamrock. If I was in the middle of a brawl I’d throw punches at this thing too. Not because I thought you looked like a dude, but because you look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Like a fucking Who down in Whoville. I don’t know, maybe Who’s fight dirty. Ken probably thought he was back in a Hardcore Match with Thing 1 and Thing 2 ganging up on him. Guys a trained killer whether you’re human or a Lorax