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Huge episode for KFC Radio as we finally unveil the newest member of the Barstool family, Big Cat. Now, before you complain – I know the audio sucks. We had all the kinks worked out and at the last second when we all dialed in to Google shit went haywire. Next week it should all be worked out. So spare me the comments about sound quality. I know it stinks. This is Barstool we’re talking about here – worst technological internet dudes the world has ever seen.

But thats not why you’re tuning in anyway. You’re tuning in to hear the deranged ramblings of KFC, Feitelberg, and Big Cat. Although it may be scratchy audio, you’re still gonna wanna listen to us debate each way the Barstool Bloggers will eventually die. When we talk about how pigs can cum for 30 minutes straight and lions can fuck 60 times a day, you’re still gonna laugh. Hearing us debate the pros and cons of rolling with a crew of sassy black chicks is what puts asses in the seats anyway.

So watch the youtube, download us on iTunes, stream it on Soundcloud. Whatever you want. Just make sure you call the Barstool Hotline for next week – 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665) And lets try to keep it short huh? I know you guys love listening to yourselves talk but nobody wants to listen to you ramble for 3 minutes. Keep it short, sweet and funny and we’ll air your call next week. And make sure to follow the KFC Radio team and tweet us with the hashtag #KFCradio for any twitter comments you want on the show: