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All the audio problems fixed. The Barstool gang finally figured out how to talk during the Hangouts. Kmarko joined the crew for a solid 4 blogger rotation. Its beginning to look like Around the Horn meets smut. Tony Reali better watch his ass. I feel like we’re Happy Gilmore when he learned how to put, you know? Like if everyone over here at Barstool wasn’t a certified idiot we probably would have taken over the world by now. Unfortunately, we’re all pretty lazy and dumb. But now as we start to put the pieces together and learn how to do shit like this, we can’t be stopped. Already got a meeting lined up with Google for later today to discuss our future with the Hangouts. No big deal. Just a few smut blogger idiots sitting down with a billion dollar company because we sat around talking about fucking video game characters and jerking off in cars and stuff last night.

For all you cry baby idiots who say you don’t wanna listen to an hour long show even though thats literally every other podcast/radio show in the world, here are links to individual segments. Shout out to the Puerto Rican Puff Daddy for chopping it up. And make sure you CALL THE BARSTOOL HOTLINE – 646-80-STOOL. (646-807-8665) Leave your funniest, short message and get on the air with the Barstool crew.

Feitelberg’s naked boyfriend

Best type of athlete to be

Stephanie for where?

A Fake nutsack on my bumper

Barstool commenters

Phone sex (as in sex with your phone)

Drunk food or drunk sex

BigCat has jerked it to dolphins

Kmarko would not bang a chick named “Mom”

Is Kmarko a psychopath?

Pizza Boy is driving across America jerking off in his car

More hate for the commenters

Could you beat Tom Cruise in a fight

The black chick from newsradio