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10 episodes in the books. 10 weeks of pure, unadulterated lunacy from myself and the Stoolies who call weekly. This week KFCRadio actually started off as a real show. Me and Feitelberg were behaving like real humans discussing, debating and arguing about the Red Sox tailspin and Boston sports in general. So, if you’re actually interested in the sports side of Barstool Sports, give the first 20-30 minutes a listen.

If you’re more into to the Barstool side of Barstool Sports, skip about 30 minutes in and let the circus begin. We got Stoolies talking about how they think the vagina hole closes when you’re having drunk sex. Obviously there was our weekly talk about hookers and masturbation, that seems to be a staple of the show. We discussed a lot of black vs white. If last week was the White People Episode, this week is for the black people. And the highlight for me has to be discussing the John Sterling Suzyn Waldman sextape

Voicemails were kinda light this week according to Tall One. So nows your chance to make it on air if you’ve been trying. Dial 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665). Leave a funny and SHORT voicemail about sports, chicks, booze, TV, music, whatever. Just be funny and get to the point and you’ll make it on air.

Here’s the full unedited version. Kick back, plug in, and enjoy.

KFC Radio Ep. 10 from Barstool New York on Vimeo.