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Episode 11 featured our first real guest outside of the Barstool world, Roger Craig. Dude is arguably the greatest Jeopardy contestant of all time. Yea yea, I know some of you think I’m a nerd for watching Jeopardy, and you’re right. But whatever. I got a chance to shoot the shit with a dude who won like 500 grand on a game show, I think thats outrageous. I asked him if he had Jeopardy groupies and if anybody ever fucked him for winning the Tournament of Champions. He told me about Trebek and how he cracks jokes about Asians off camera. Some good stuff in there at the end.

Other than that we had a great mixed bag on the voicemails again. Katie Nolan from Guyism called up and left a blacked out 2 minute voicemail on hand jobs. We discuss who would win in a cage match, Michael Keaton or Jon Bon Jovi. And we introduced a new contest involving fantasy sports – take a listen for a chance to win free Barstool gear.

Kick back, plug in, and enjoy. And call 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665) to leave voicemails for next week’s show.

KFC Radio Episode #11 from Barstool New York on Vimeo.