Episode 22 presented by StreakerSports

Deuce Deuces! Probably our most absurd episode to date. This week we learned that Big Cat is a Benedict Arnold son of a bitch and would turn his back on the human race if squirrels ever decide to try and take over the world. Feitelberg enlightens us on how to proceed after you piss the bed with a girl in it. And if you’ve ever wondered what KFC’s favorite part of porn is, well lets just say you’ll get an in depth answer.

Also, Big Cat talks about the time he shit his pants at a urinal. Like 3 months ago.

This week was one of our biggest as far as calls go. Over 300 voicemails left on the Barstool Hotline. Shout out to the Squirrelpocalypse caller, that was the message of the week. Make sure you call for next week, 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665) And speak LOUDLY. My Jeopardy stalker left a creepy scripted message but it was way to quiet to hear. Speak up Stoolies, don’t be shy.

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Episode 22 highlights: