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Absolute disaster recording the podcast last night. Whys that, you ask? Because I still have no fucking idea what I’m doing. I got all this equipment I don’t know how to use and all these programs I’ve never seen. I’m trying to record the audio with one computer while recording the video with the other. Nightmare. So the video for this week got all fucked up. You couldn’t hear any of the voicemails so for this episode we’re back to your standard audio podcast. I made a gif highlight for everyone which was my goddam eardrums getting blown out at one point, but this week we gotta make do.

Brand new introduction, a little longer than the previous two weeks, a little talk about television, sports, chicks, and of course the same old deranged demented Stoolies. So plug in at your cube, at the gym, on your lunch break, whatever, and enjoy. Next week’s episode will feature my first guest/co-host so that we keep it fresh and entertaining. As always any feedback and suggestions for the future is welcome.

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