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Lucky number 13 for KFCRadio. WFAN legend and street reporter @IncarceratedBob  joined us for an interview. Dude was absolutely hysterical. Our best podcast guest so far. He explains where his name came from, his relationship with Boomer and Carton and all the WFAN guys, and we shoot the shit about the latest sports rumors. Note: You do not wanna miss the story of where his name came from.

10 more voicemails from the scary depths of Stoolie minds. We talk about Matball and other gym games. A would you rather involving NFL stars and retarded kids. Who would win in a fight. WWF stars at your wedding. And what show would be complete without discussing whether or not you’d fuck a girl with no arms? Kick back, plug in, and enjoy.

PS – Who knew Alexander Hamilton wasn’t a president?

Look ma! No tits this week!

KFC Radio Ep. 13: Incarcerated Bob & Chicks With No Arms from Barstool New York on Vimeo.