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Well I thought for sure we’d have another week of Replacement Refs so I lead off my show on Tuesday night with that. Kinda fucked me with this agreement but whatever. We did a little preview of what its gonna be like when Eat Dat Pussy shows up to Philly to watch this week’s Eagles/Giants game. We’re gonna have him on the show to discuss the glorious existence that is EDP. As for this week, we debate handicapped bathroom shitting, which NFL players we could potential beat up if any, and food vs. sex.

I need more phone calls. This past week was real light. Give me a solid set of voicemails to work with. For everyone who always tweets me complaining that your voicemail didn’t make the cut, now is the time. Call 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665)

KFC Radio Ep. 14: Big Fat Reverend, EatDatPussy and KFC’s baseball card from 1993 from Barstool New York on Vimeo.