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You know what the beauty of hosting your own show is? You can just rant and rant and rant with zero interruption or disagreement. I felt like Francesa on Tuesday night recording this shit. Just eviscerating the Yankees fan base with nobody to stop me. I let out like 6 months worth of frustration on that diatribe to open the show. Just a great way to kick off Sweet 16 for KFCRadio.

As far as the voicemails go – we debated the best childhood baseball movies of all time. Discussed pro athletes turning WWF superstar. Threesomes that gotta add up to 14 out of 20. Grown men crying during concerts, and a bunch of solid sports related calls this week.

As far as next week goes – we gotta up the number of phone calls again. I expect Yankees fans to blow up the Barstool Hotline to defend themselves (probably not since they’re fruads), but the rest of the Stoolies need a little encouragement. So this week whoever leaves the best voicemail for Episoe 17 gets a free shirt of their choice. Make sure you call 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665), leave your name and where you’re from, and the funniest voicemail you got. I’ll decide at the end of next week’s show who the best voicemail was from and we’ll send out a shirt. Same thing goes for twitter. Tweet me @KFCBarstool and use the hashtag #KFCRadio and if your shit is the funniest you can win free Barstool gear too.

PS – Video got all fucked up this week. We’ll be back with my beautiful fucking face again next week.