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This week’s episode was a monster. Yesterday was one of the top 5 blogging days in the history of Barstool New York, and I also found out that Superman became a blogger, so I guess I was just in the zone. Threw on my awesome headphones and got behind the mic and rattled off a 90 minute podcast. So we’re breaking it up in to 2 parts – one today, one tomorrow.

Part 1 features half of the Stoolie voicemails. One of our funniest voicemails ever regarding underwear models in the Sears Catalog. A Cubicle Chronicles story that should absolutely end in a murder-suicide. A drunk food list, and as always, bashing on me for being a Mets/Jets fan.

Tomorrow is Part 2. The second half of the voicemails and an interview with Big Cat from Barstool Chicago. Who, just for the record, might be the craziest dude at Barstool. He’s blown past Pizza Boy and he’s nipping at the heels of Devlin the Intern Slave. Kid is off the reservation.

As promised, free t shirt to this week’s best voicemail. I think its a runaway winner, but leave comments or tweet me @KFCBarstool with your favorite. We’ll leave it up to the people. Make sure to call the Barstool Hotline and leave your own voicemail for next week, episode 18: 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665)