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KFCRadio returns after a week long hiatus because the world shut down for 10 straight days to celebrate the 4th of July. From June 29th through July 9th we celebrated America’s birthday like it was a college chick turning 21 who celebrates her birthday like 50 times. To be honest I still wasn’t even right when I recorded this last night. Had the shakes the whole time and towards the end I was sweating like a Jew on Christmas.

At any rate, the voicemails for episode 4 were absolutely classic. Real hard to live up to. And between the holiday and vacation, the Stoolie voicemails were a little slow. Next week I’m hopefully gonna add a couple new features and have another guest on to start the show, that way I can still carry it whenever the voicemails aren’t funny enough. But Stoolies gotta step it up. Call 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665) and leave your name, where you’re from, and some creative and intriguing stuff. For example this week - Who would win in a fight, KFC or a pack of 100 angry rats = funny. Would you rather sleep on the floor or sleep in a bed but wake up every hour = not funny. Don’t forget about working in some sports talk, television talk, MFK, Would You Rather, Cubicle Chronicles, or questions about the Barstool Empire.

Kick back, plug in, and enjoy. Oh and the funniest voicemail this week is the very last one of the show. Do not miss it. And in case you missed last week and/or don’t have the time to watch a full length episodes, here’s some quick highlights from last week Episode 4.