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This week had it all. We talked movies, we talked television. Blind people sex vs. deaf people sex. Suicide and Japanese sex robots. We dialed up Pizza Boy for some advice on tipping. A real mish mash of Pulitzer prize winning shit. The voicemails were phenomenal – Stoolies really starting to hit their stride and there’s a couple guys who are making repeat appearances. I feel like the more and more we do this, the more and more we’ll see the same idiots calling the line. It will be like Benny from the Bronx or Mike from Montclair on the Fan. KFCRadio all stars. I’m instituting a new rule that if you’re funny enough and you continually make the cut you get to come on the show as an official guest.

So make sure you continue to call and make sure you say who you are and where you’re from. Dial 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665) and leave a voicemail for Episode 9 next week.

Here’s the full, unedited uncut version if you wanna kill an hour at work. Kick back, plug in, and enjoy.

KFCRadio Ep. 8: Global Guts & Girlfriend Robots from Barstool New York on Vimeo.