(DailyMail) – One of the two men involved in a Good Friday shooting spree which left three dead and two injured has denied he was motivated by racism. Jake England has been accused of a hate crime for his role in the Tulsa killings alongside his roommate Alvin Watts, which came just a day after he posted a racially charged message on Facebook. However, in an interview from his cell he has insisted he is not racist, and even said that some of his ‘best friends’ are African-American.The 19-year-old also spoke of the torment of witnessing the death of his father, who was killed during an attempted burglary, and his girlfriend, who shot herself at their home.

I’m not one to tell the courts how to do their job. Like I don’t want to tell them that they have to drop the “hate crime” charge here, but they kind of have to, right? Because “I have black friends” is a fucking clear sign that you’re not racist. You don’t hate your friends. He has black friends. Ipso facto, Jake England doesn’t hate black people. The other day I guess I had a racially charged post and Dante said “bro people are gonna think you’re in the KKK.” I was like ummm are you a fucking idiot? I work with Mo, we talk on Gchat sometimes. I’m obviously not a racist dude. Check my iTunes, I got a bunch of Lil Wayne in there. I had fried chicken for lunch. I accidentally left the TV on a basketball game for 20 minutes the other day. Kool-Aid is literally my favorite drink. Making racist jokes is the best way to prove you’re not a racist. Sure, usually I stick to the “black kid got your bike for Christmas” variety but shooting 5 black guys is Jake England’s version of a punch line. You just don’t get the joke.

I’ll tell you what though, Jake is gonna have a lot of black friends in prison. Jamal and LaMar are gonna get real close with him.