W 072810 Weed 01

ST.AUGUSTINE - One deep inhale. Sandy breathes in the smoke, filling her lungs with the fragrant incense labeled “not for human consumption.” One long exhale.  “It kinda tastes like flowers,” she said. Smells like it, too.  Sandy, who did not want her last name used in order to protect her identity, said she didn’t feel anything but a little hyper after smoking the hand-rolled cigarette filled with Cobra, an herbal incense blend sold legally in St. Augustine.  Spice, K2 or Triad — all herbal incense blends available legally throughout St. Augustine — are growing in popularity, as some who are spending money on the blend are substituting it for its natural and illegal counterpart: marijuana. He said the age group most closely associated with the chemical are high-school and college-aged young adults, who “are younger and more adventurous and who have a lot to lose from failing a drug test.”

Digital drugs?  Smoking incense?  Seriously how fucking old am I?  Honestly I feel like the dad that’s standing around a bunch giggling kids making them grilled cheese sandwiches asking if they have pink eye or fevers or something while they’re high as fuck.  Just completely oblivious to the way kids are getting messed up.  You know how we used to get high?  We went to the weird kid who wore hooded sweatshirts and had a beard 3 grades before we did and bought an 8th and fucking smoked it.  That’s how.  We put that shit in some rolling paper or whatever and fucking smoked it.  Well I didn’t personally.  But my friends did and let me take a hit so I would shut up and go puke in the corner.  Anyway that’s not the point.  I’m worried about the kids these days.  Like this Spiced K2 Traid shit ain’t healthy.  You can’t just blaze up some Cobra Incense Kush and think everything’s good.  You can’t just plug your iPod into the USB and download a mushroomed acid trip.   That’s how motherfuckers OD and OD bad.