Fox NewsKim Kardashian rose to fame on the back of a sex tape she made with the hip hop star Ray J, parlaying her infamy into a reality show, product endorsements, and other ventures that have netted her and her family millions of dollars, as well as scores of tabloid covers. Now it looks like she may be returning to her sex tape roots. The Daily Star reports that another video of Kardashian and Ray J is on the market for 19 million pounds — that’s over $30 million. ”It’s definitely Kim in the video,” a source told the paper. “And it’s even raunchier than her last one. There are all kinds of eye-popping moments.” Kardashian did not authorize the release her first video, but reportedly ended up reaching a settlement in which she received millions in profits from it’s distribution. However, now that she is a household name for reasons other than being in a porn video, the Star says she is not happy with news another tape is making the rounds, and is seeking to block it’s sale. Kardashian is also dating rapper Kanye West, and the Star says she is worried another sex tape could jeopardize their relationship.

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