How about this motherfucker in San Antonio last night? Sparks up a stogie sitting courtside like a boss. Sorry to ruin your night, homie! The KnicksTape went on the road into San Antonio and they came out 6 and donut. Big time test and they passed with flying colors. Everyone pretty much agrees that this 6 of 7 road trip is an early season make or break swing where they either show they’re an elite team or they come back to earth a little bit, and starting it off with a win against Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and the 7-1 Spurs is a huge step towards legitimizing themselves.

Winning on the road in San Antonio is never gonna be pretty. Melo had an awful shooting night, but made up for it on the glass and om D. JR Smith was ice cold for 3 quarters but came through in the clutch in the 4th. Felton carried the team last night and 5 players were yet again in in double digits. I think its a more convincing W when you win ugly. You know what I mean? Like if Melo went off for 45 and they won a 118-116 shootout, I don’t think its really anything to grow on. But it was a come from behind, grind it out game. Got big stops when they needed them, hit big shots when they needed them. Still so early but I’m pretty sure they’ll go 82-0

PS – Not sure what “KnicksTape” is. All the black people on twitter hashtag it. I think Shumpert and JR Smith made it up. Guess its a play on mixtape. But whatever. I like it. Oh and I stole “6 and donut” from a black guy on twitter too when I was searching KnicksTape to try and figure it out. Black guys are always funny and clever with shit like that.