You can pretty much guarantee something went down in the locker room tonite. People don’t just punch glass fire extinguisher cases, do they? And after the incident closing the locker room altogether? Seems really fishy. Sounds more to me like there was a fight or an altercation that lead to Old Man Stoudemire cutting his hand on broken glass. Especially with nobody on the Knicks making any statement or anything yet. Gotta be something more serious going on behind the scenes that they are covering up.

Either way, the Knicks are fucked right now. Melting down on the court, melting down off the court. Can’t win with Melo not scoring, can’t win with him scoring. Point guard play has been atrocious. And to top it all off the refs are stacking the deck against them too. I’m not gonna say Amare cutting his hand on glass is gonna be their downfall. Because lets be honest – Old Man Stoudemire looks lost out there. Not only is his body withering its like he’s forgotten how to play altogether. But what will be their downfall is the mere fact that the Knicks are involved in some sort of situation with punching glass and closed locker rooms in a 2-0 hole against a team that has pretty much outplayed them in every facet of the game.

I said multiple times the Knicks needed everything, and I mean everything, to go right to beat Miami, and right now we’ve gotten the total opposite of that. Worst case scenario. New York needed to be perfect and they’ve been anything but. Just a piss poor showing mentally physically and emotionally.