I’m not gonna sit here and tell you the Knicks/Heat rivalry is back by any means. Its not. At all. But I sure as fuck would like it to be. And I think this series right here is the chance to start it back up.

Most Knicks fans probably had delusions of grandeur at one point this season that this would be a second round match up or an Eastern Conference Finals battle. Obviously thats not where we stand. Its a 2 vs. 7 with Miami the heavy favorites. But as I’ve said roughly one billion times before, the Knicks have the potential to be dangerous, and they have the potential to be tough. Two traits of the Knicks of old. Guys like Tyson Chandler and JR Smith aren’t backing down. Guys like Shumpert don’t give a fuck. Even Carmelo can probably channel some inner Baltimore and put aside the diva persona for the playoffs. My whole point just being this series is a chance to reestablish that competitive edge that was always present when these two used to clash. Clearly Miami is the most talented team on the planet, but talent didn’t always tell the whole story back in the 90s between them. If the Knicks have any chance of pulling off a miracle upset in the first round, that needs to be the case again.

There’s one thing that you know is coming – you don’t know which game. Don’t know when or where it will happen. But JR Smith is going off for like 34 one game. Its just a matter of whether the Knicks can capitalize on it. Thats what it will be all about for the Knicks. They’ve got a million pieces and moving parts. Carmelo’s scoring, JR Smith’s offense, Novak’s shooting, Shump/Chandler/Jeffries defense. They basically all need to go right and the same time.

PS – I’m still all for sending in Bill Walker for a flagrant 2. Knock somebody the fuck out and put Miami on their heels.

PPS – I forgot Walker isn’t on the bench anymore, but I can’t believe I overlooked who’s better suited for that flagrant 2 in the first place – Josh Harrellson! Just throw King Jorts out there to put an elbow into King James and set the tone for this shit