You know what the Knicks are right now? The Knicks are the 13 year old from the blog earlier today who fucked that disgustingly ugly woman for 2 straight years. Like I said for that kid – that chick was so abhorrent that no matter what he has sex with next, his sex life will get better. Its rock fucking bottom, so you can only go up.

Fucking that Bowser look-alike was Game 1 for the Knicks. Literally everything went wrong. Chandler was sick, Melo put up a fucking dud, Shumpter blows out his ACL, they turned the ball over at an insane rate, and the refs bought into Lebron’s flopfest performance and blew the whistle every single time down the floor. Not even exaggerating, that was one of the worst Knicks performances I’ve ever seen. Especially in the playoffs. It was the most well rounded, consistently shitty performance you can script. So I can tell you without a doubt, 100% with certainty – the Knicks will play better tonite. Borderline impossible to play worse. Thats not saying much, I realize that. But its the mindset they need to carry into game 2.

Everyone knows that if the Knicks were gonna compete with the Heat, it would be a matter of the Perfect Storm of things going right. Everyone on the floor needs to have their absolute best possible game, all at once. Well, Saturday everyone all had their worst possible game. Put it behind you, move on, and basically pray to God Carmelo comes out with that triple double version of himself and keep your fingers crossed that Wade and Lebron caught whatever Tyson Chandler was sick with.

Oh and I know Mike Woodson said he’s basically sticking by the stars on this roster but at this point its clear that Amare Stoudemire is a detriment to this team when he’s on the floor. He should come off the bench and play limited minutes because this guy just cannot compete on a professional level anymore with the body hes got.