Lohud Yankees Blog- Kuroda has told friends he’ll pitch for either the Yankees or the Hiroshima Carp next season but hasn’t decided yet. Also, he’s interested only in another one-year deal. There’s little doubt that Kuroda enjoyed his year with the Yankees, and there’s no doubt the Yankees would like to have him back — hence the qualifying offer — but it’s hard to compete with a desire to go home. If Kuroda decides he’d rather go back to Japan, there probably won’t be much the Yankees can do to change his mind.

Well I’ve just never been more baffled by a human in my entire life. I’m generally pretty good at reading people. Like if we’re hanging out at your house kinda late and you do an exaggerated yawn, I’m out the door before you can even drop “What a long day.” That’s just an innate ability of mine. But Kuroda is a fucking enigma. First he looks like a shoe-in for a shit year transitioning from the NL West to the AL East and he completely defies the odds and puts up stellar numbers. Then he says he’s considering heading back to Japan. You remember Japan, right? The country where he was tortured by his dad for pitching poorly? Bamboo under the fingernails for a wild pitch. The tiny shard of glass in the tip of the dick at a strip club thing for hanging a slider. So I just can’t figure out for the life of me why he would want to go back. You don’t see any of Sandusky’s boys applying for early admission at Penn State, do you? I mean don’t get me wrong, the Carp are probably a great squad and there’s a decent chance Bobby V is coaching them next year, but this is the Yankees. Unless Kuroda’s pulling some sort of Kill Bill move where he had to spend time in a foreign land mastering his talents before returning home to defeat his arch nemesis, I just don’t take this threat seriously. See you on the mound in April, Hiroki.