Its pretty clear cut, fellas. There are 2 ways you can spend your night – 1) You go out to the bar, get wasted, maybe hook up, maybe go home and masturbate on the internet while eating late night pizza. 2) You go out to Saloon, get wasted, watch half naked chicks wrestle each other in sexual lubricant, and undoubtedly get laid. And don’t worry about it being a sausage fest – every Friday and Saturday night Saloon is packed with chicks regardless of what is going on. A giant kiddie pool full of lube and people wrestling is just icing on the cake.

Seriously, short of a Barstool Blackout, a night like this has gotta be the wildest, most ridiculous, sex charged party scene you can imagine. Guys, girls, whoever. Anyone in Manhattan looking to cut loose and go crazy in the most ridiculous fashion – Saloon in the place to be.

What: Joseph “Blue” Pulaski KY Jelly Wrestling

When: Friday October 5th

Where: Saloon, 84th and York

How Much: $40 Open Bar from 9-12, 10-1 or 11-2. Your choice.